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PREET Wire Rod Block Mill Max. Speed 90 Meter Per Second

Delta/ V type high speed rolling block. Ideally suited for Stainless and Special Steels with 18 % average reduction. Ring size 175 - 155 mm for finishing stands. and 215 - 195 mm for pre finishing stands. Identical Roll units on both sides, enables operators to keep a min. stock of spare roll units. Heavy-duty design with low pass height. Ensures greater stability & negligible vibration levels at high speeds.

五人斗地主The 40 degree, ultra high speed/high precision block is used for rolling demanding steel grades or for production of alloy steel, stainless steel, lo & high carbon steel grades at high rate, both coiled through wire rod lines. The reliable operating speeds of this block can reach 90 meters per second, with a design speed of 110 meters per second. The block mill, generally used for production of concrete reinforcement grades at a high rate, in straight condition and delivered onto cooling bed, reliably achieves operating. In this last case, the use of the finishing block in combination with the Preet High-Speed Delivery System for the production of straight bars on cooling bed, besides higher productivity, close tolerances and excellent surface on final product, allows the total number of stands in the finishing mill to be minimized. All passes in the blocks come in V arrangement (45° inclined to the vertical).

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