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PREET Single Strand High-Speed Bar & rebar rolling Mill up-to 500,000 tons/ year

五人斗地主PREET Single Strand High-Speed Bar & rebar rolling Mill mill ideally combines low investment cost with high productivity & quality, this solution deliver’s fastest return on investment (ROI). Generally, these mills are designed for production up-to 500,000-ton/ year.

The typical product sizes range from 8 to 40 mm diameter round, rebar & wire rod (Depending upon the requirement of end customer) is more by running the mill at high speed which gives better control of the bar tolerance, since each line 
finishes with a finishing block with much higher tolerances, where the production is driven by the smallest size bar having larger dimensions than necessary, on average, less cobble and crop end losses and less trial bars with the high speed rolling system. Optimization of bar length since single-strand finishing means that each bar can be optimized independently. Less short bars are also a result of the fact that there is only one short (final) bar per billet.

These high speed rolling mills mainly consists of: Direct charging system from CCM or by Reheating furnace (depending upon the mill layout and customer requirement) Roughing mill, with stands of breakdown 2-HI shift-able or housing less design, in alternating horizontal/ vertical (H/V) arrangement with quick-changing device, Intermediate mill, with stands of housing-less design, in alternating horizontal/vertical (H/V) arrangement with quick-changing device, V type 45 degree high speed Finishing block mill for smaller sections of rebar or rods. TMT/Quenching and self-tempering with high-speed continuous shears (Depending upon the requirement of end customer). Single-strand 4 channel High-Speed Delivery System for delivering the finished material on cooling bed. Finishing facilities with cold shear, counting, weighing, bundling & packaging

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