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Section Straightening Machines

五人斗地主Our range of section straightening machines are roller type configured with single or dual planes containing close spaced straightening rolls. This range of machinery is generically from Wyko, we continue to use the WRSS [Single Plane] and the 2WRSS [Dual Plane] model references. These are heavy mill duty machines suitable for high production and long service life.

The mechanical design of each model features cartridge mounted rolls each having its own bearing lubricant reservoir. These machines feature the latest Turner refinements to add the CASAM computer setting system. With CASAM these normally hard to set machines become user friendly and can be set quickly by a trained operator.

五人斗地主State of the art electrical control packages further bring these excellent machines into the modern era of automated machinery. The machines are complimented by a wide range of section handling equipment that can be customized to suit customers needs. The majority of metal sections, square, rectangular & hexagon, solid or tubular can be straightened with an appropriate machine model.

Tube straightening or bar straightening, we are the straightening experts ... It's all we do !

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