⎛⎝IUThb⎠⎞Preet Narrow Strip and Plate Mills 400,000 tons/year



Narrow Strip & Plate Mills

Preet & our associates (American-Indo) Engineering Companies has designed, manufactured and successfully delivered up to 600,000 tones of carbon steel/ Stainless Steel hot strips in maximum width of 2000mm.

五人斗地主Narrow Strip Mill: We have successfully executed 400,000 tons/year carbon steel hot strips in width of 650mm and a minimum thickness of 1.2 mm was to be rolled in the Hot Strip Mill being planned. A Semi- continuous mill specific coil weight of 6-8 ton even for the thinnest strips, the layout was prepared based on the coil box.   A transfer bar table of 59 m length was considered sufficient. The coil box, however, was to be installed in the second phase to keep down the initial investment.

五人斗地主Other important features of the layout were: - Slab storage was done in the mill bay itself. The slab caster cooling bed was installed between the reheating furnace bay and the mill bay. A common hot charge transfers and cold charging grate was installed between mill bay and the reheating furnace bay. Reheating furnace was designed with side discharge. Side ejector and furnace doors could be easily made for a max. slab width of 450 mm. Roughing mill motor was housed in a separate motor room with a 30 t crane with only the hoist motorized. The finishing mill motors were located in the mill bay itself and were handled by the mill bay crane. The distance between finishing mill stands was kept at 4.2 m. This was easily possible due to small size of the stands and the simplified design of the inter-stand equipment. Coil handling was through Up-ender / Down-ender system as the narrow coil was not thought to best able enough to be handled with eye horizontal in the hot stage.

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