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Form the desk of our Founder Chairman Mr. Kuldeep Singh Chauhan

Chairman PREET Machines

Mr. Kuldeep Singh Chauhan

Dear Partners,

All customers are our partners. That means we support our partners with our know-how and experience throughout the entire service life of their production lines. This also applies to equipment that is running perfectly, because we advise them on how they can organize production even more efficiently. PREET Team knows the technical details of all their partners' plants and machinery, so they can systematically implement improvements. Applying the knowledge of an original equipment designer & manufacturer, PREET ensures best and sustainable solutions to all the partners. This goes for everything from supplying spare parts to repairs and maintenance, staff training or extensive modernizing & up gradation of existing facilities. Our experts deliver service on best quality. So you and all our customers worldwide benefit from a wide range of solutions. Delivering satisfactory results to all our partners all over the globe as an engineering and production company, the PREET is perfectly positioned to meet the challenges of the global market for long and flat products plants and machinery. One key factor here is our mass design, manufacturing, after sales and customer support system around the globe. We will continue to improve our support of technology and with know-how that has grown over decades. Essential to preserving this status is our continuous investment in the expansion and modernization of our manufacturing facilities. Simultaneously, we are building up even more international manufacturing facilities, sales & after sales support canters. This has been a history of our PREET for more than 40 years. It all started in 1976 with a very small family company. Today, PREET is considered to be one of most competent important company for long and flat product rolling mill manufacturing company, where we operate not only an extensive service network, but also our own production locations. Our engineers know all there is to know about current and future requirements in the long and flat product steel rolling mill industry. As a systems supplier, we cover the entire process chain including electrics, automation, and services. Please Read on to find out how we have spread our production and technology approach.



PREET Machines Limited, is the key-leader of the major operating PREET GROUP companies, and holds significant holdings in these companies. PREET GROUP companies are commonly referred to as the PREET GROUP Worldwide. We proudly introduce our self as one of the leader in industries for detail information please visit us on www.dkdworldwide.com.

PREET GROUP is the result of foresight vision of its Founder & Chairman Mr. Kuldeep Singh Chauhan and under his able guidance and dynamic leadership it has progressed exponentially enterprise.

PREET GROUP has presence across the globe. The different workshops & activities, besides serving the geographical area where they are located, always specialize in manufacturing a particular type of equipment, in order to achieve continuous efficiency and improvement, by concentrating on a specific manufacturing expertise.

PREET GROUP (Since: 1977) is well-diversified business in Industries like:

  • EPC Division.
  • Rolling Mill Division.
  • Material Handling Division.
  • Electrical & Automation Division.
  • Import & Export Division.
  • Infrastructure Development Division.
  • CNC Machine Building Division.
  • Hospitality Division.

Hot Rolling Mills
Rebar rolling mill
Rebar rolling mill


PREET GROUP proudly introducing PREET-EPC for moving the Steel Industry to new heights by providing C to C Solution (Concept to Commissioning Solutions) for Iron Making, Steel Melting Shop, Power Plants, Rolling Mill Plants of Long& Flat products for producing Bar / rebars, Wire Rod and Section Mills & Narrow strips. The company has earned the name and it’s recognized as leading EPC & EPCF solution provider our main Areas of Activity are as follows:

  • Iron Making projects including DRI Plants, Sinter Plants, Blast Furnaces.
  • Steel making up-to 2-million-ton capacity using Electric Arc Furnaces, Induction Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces, Vacuum Degassing Units, Continuous Casting Machines.
  • Steel Rolling Mill Projects up-to 1,000,000 Tons / Year capacity both for Flat Products & Long Products including Narrow Strip Rolling Mills, Wide Plate Rolling Mills, Stickle Coil Rolling Mills, ReBar Rolling Mills, Wire Rod Rolling Mills, Light Section / Profile Rolling Mills, Medium Section / Profile Rolling Mills, Light Section / Profile Rolling Mills Cold Rolling Mills & Processing Lines.

PREET Machines Limited has successfully designed, built and executed small, medium and mega size project for producing Flat & Long Products like: Plate and Hot Strip Mills, ReBar Rolling Mills, Wire Rod Rolling Mills, Section Rolling Mills, Cold Mills & Processing Lines (Rolling Mill Division). PREET have presence across the globe, countries like: U.S.A., Italy, Germany Mexico, Iran, India, U.A.E., Paraguay & Pakistan. PREET is moving the Rolling Mill industry to new heights by providing turnkey solution for hot rolling of long products in Bar, Wire Rod and Section Mills. The company has earned the name and it’s recognized as leader in design, manufacturing and execution of latest deign with best international quality equipment’s. However, within PREET, we are rich in employee talent and passion. This talent and passion, combined with our company culture of excellence, makes PREET a dynamic, growing, legacy company that continues to thrive in the most challenging economic conditions. The strategic actions we are taking not only reflect PREET long-term vision as a company that creates sustainable value, but they also show our commitment to maximizing our customer expectation. You can always expect the best from PREET, no matter what the circumstances, no matter how far, no matter how huge.

PREET, we deliver world-class quality with latest technology in the most reasonable & affordable price. 

PREET Machines Limited is a family-owned company looking back on more than 39 years of history with global presence. PREET specialized in the supply of High Tech Rolling Mill Equipment and Spare Parts for the long and flat products steel rolling mill industry. Thanks to consistent corporate policy and to it outstanding quality, PREET is nowadays recognized at an international level as being fist class partner of the major contractors & as worldwide long and flat product Producers. PREET is committed not only to supply equipment but also to provide detailed Technical Assistance to take the plant through the assembly and start-up process. Additionally, our assistance will be available whenever is needed to improve the Plant’s operation efficiency. Please also note that running the plant efficiently is as important as setting it up especially in today’s competitive industry environment. Our technical team has successfully executed many flat and long product Rolling Mill Plants throughout installation, start-up process.

五人斗地主Additionally, we currently assist many plants to run their operations successfully and compete with the international markets by implementing optimal technology and production strategies. PREET employees over 980 skilled people comprising of experienced engineers lead by a professional management. This win-some combination of expertise and resources has made the company an ideal turnkey solution provider to the ReBar rolling mill, Wire rod rolling mill, Section rolling mill and its allied equipment.

It has a huge manufacturing setup spread over 450,000 sq. of covered area. The entire production is organized under nine individual manufacturing unit equipped with modern machines for, machining, fabrication, gears and assembly operations. All the units are as per Global standards of high quality and safety. The machining division has more than 465 heavy and light machine tools capable of manufacturing bulk products with precision. The assembly line has facilities for assembling complete functional units and their trial runs to ensure defect-free mechanism. In addition to this, the PREET manufacturing units have 60 high capacity EOT cranes with maximum lifting capacity of 150 Tons in single piece. PREET Machines Fast Track system delivers complete rolling mill within 100 days & Equipment in 30 Days.

Narrow Strip and Plate Mills
Flat Product Rolling Mill
hot rolling mill cooling beds
hot rolling mill cooling beds

Engineering at PREET Machines

五人斗地主PREET Machine Limited has a contemporary new product development centre equipped with CAD / CAM stations and high speed plotters and scanners to ensure optimal output. The design section employs experienced design engineers having deep rooted industry knowledge and comprehensive know-how in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering. The team also develops turnkey implementation plans and conducts feasibility checks for customized product requirements as well as upgrading of Flat and Long Product Rolling Mill (rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills).


五人斗地主With a firm quality policy in place and an efficient testing and validation setup, it is known for manufacturing top quality products. All the products are treated at different manufacturing stages to ensure corrosion resistance, sturdiness, reliability and safety at the user's end. The manufacture of the machines and equipments includes extensive test runs with production-related simulation of the process sequences. 

Key Product Areas

  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill upto 500,000 Tons per year with European technology.
  • Re-Bar Rolling Mill upto 1,000,000 Tons per year with slit rolling European technology.
  • Light Section Rolling Mill / Structure Rolling Mill & Heavy Section Rolling Mill upto 1,000,000 Tons per year
  • Steel Rolling Mill Stands like Housing Less Rolling Mill Stands, Pre Stress Rolling Mill Stands, Universal Rolling Mill Stands for Section Rolling Mill / Structure Rolling Mill, Horizontal and Vertical Rolling Mill Stands (H/V Type) for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • Wide Range of Gear and Gear Boxes like Pinion Gear Boxes, Reduction Gear Boxes, Reduction cum Pinion Gear Boxes upto 6000 kW rating and 4000mm OD and 30 modules for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • Hardened and profile ground gears and gears boxes like pinion gear boxes, Reduction gear boxes, Reduction cum pinion gear boxes upto 6000 kW rating and 2000mm OD and 25 modules for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • AOD converter Shop & LD Converter Shop
  • EOT Cranes upto 100 Tons capacity for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • Shearing machines like start and stop type flying shears, continuous type flying shear, crank type flying shears, crop and coble shears, cold shears, billet cutting shear for M.S and S.S. for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • Gear Couplings for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • Allied equipment’s for steel rolling mill like automatic cooling beds (Rack Type cooling beds), turn-over cooling beds, Section and bar straightening machines, TMT quenching boxes, twin channels and hot/cold rolling mill for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • Complete range of Guiding equipment’s like entry guide boxes, twist pipes and slitting boxes (Slit Guide Box ) for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
  • Fabrication, Machining and assembly up to 100 Tons in single piece as per customer design and specifications for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills.
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